Our protocol and our fees – Chiro Hull Aylmer

-File opening and initial examination – $ 75 (1 hour visit)

During your initial visit, we will open your clinical file and your chiro Hull Aylmer will ask to you complete a baseline questionnaire. Thereafter, your doctor of chiropractic will conduct a complete physical exam, including a:

• Computer assisted posture evaluation (if needed)
• Biomechanical Examination
• Orthopaedic and neurologic exam
• Chiropractic examination (palpation of the joints and muscles)
• If necessary, reference for X-rays or MRI

-Chiropractic treatment (Adults) – $ 55

-Chiropractic treatment (Children or full-time student) – $ 50

We accept those form of payment : 

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Debit (interac)
  • Cash

Chiropractors care is covered by most private insurance

Although chiropractic care is not yet reimbursed by the RAMQ, most private insurances cover chiropractic care. Most of the times you do not need a physician’s referral note to get reimbursed by your insurance.

Chiropractic care may be covered under certain conditions:
• Car accident (SAAQ)
• Work injury accidents (CSST or WSIB)
• RCMP member
• Member of the Canadian Forces
• Member of the Veterans

With us, no long term care contracts

You will not be asked to sign in advance to a long series of treatments; there is no contract to sign with us. We offer chiropractic treatments (chiropractic adjustments) customized and tailored to your needs. At your report of findings, we will explain your condition, our advices and the different stages of treatment are relief, correction and prevention. Although we advise our patients to take care of their spine, you can stop your care when you want. Your chiro Hull Aylmer.

Your Chiro Hull Aylmer, in the region of Gatineau Ottawa.

Chiro Hull Aylmer

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