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Do you suffer from back pain, sciatic pain, stiffness in the neck or tendinitis?

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  • Your headaches and migraines affect your activities of daily life ?
  • You have a neck/back sprain or a herniated disc
  • You suffer from muscle/joint stiffness, arthritis or a scoliosis ?

… Or from one of the following neuro-musculoskeletal conditions :

Pain between the shoulder blades – Sciatica – Numbness – Pain in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand – Hip pain, knee, ankle / foot – Whiplash – Tendonitis – Epicondylitis – Bursitis – Sprain/strain – Carpal tunnel syndrome – Plantar Fasciitis – Sports Injuries -Jaw problems (TMJ) and a lot more! 

We can help! Your chiropractic clinic Plateau Gatineau. Call us at 819-557-6222 to get an appoitment with one of your Doctor of Chiropractic