Chiropractic care for childrens

Chiropractic care for childrens : bad posture, back or neck pain, etc.

Walking, running, jumping. Here are some new activities that your child discovers day by day. From the first steps to the first falls, your chiropractor is an ally of choice to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal disorders of your children. If it complains of pain, or if he is injured after a fall, do not hesitate to consult a primary health care provider such as a chiropractor.

Comes time to start school. It is then very important to check the backpack for your child. Indeed, if it is too heavy or poorly fitted, it could bring various musculoskeletal disorders in your child. Take your child to the chiropractor to conduct an evaluation of their posture and his backpack.

Just as you take your child to the dentist every year for a screening, do not hesitate to  consult your chiropractor for a spine ‘’checkup’’.

Chiropractic care for childrens can help in many cases:
• Posture evaluation and correction
• Back or neck pain
• Headaches
• Sore legs / shoulders and many more …

Chiropractic care for childrens can help your infant suffering from neck stiffness,  torticollis and more!

The birth can sometimes be a difficult time for your newborn. Induced stress to the spine and head to your newborn during delivery is non-negligible. Indeed, a long or difficult labor, pressures due to uterine contractions and passage during childbirth, use of forceps or suction cups can have an impact on the neuro-musculoskeletal system of your baby.

This is why many parents bring their newborn to a chiropractor from birth to be screened and thus prevent problems. It is obvious that your baby does not require the same care as you. If needed, a light pressure adjustment is usually sufficient to improve mobility and optimal alignment of his spine. These corrections could avoid many problems in the future.

Chiropractic care for childrens can help in many cases:
• Difficulty turning the head to one side
• Difficulties in positioning during breastfeeding
• Earache not due to infection
•  and many more …

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